About the Wax

Pressure and Temperature are the major players in how water presents itself as a solid, liquid or gas. It is no coincidence that pressure and temperature also contribute to what types of snow conditions one will encounter when venturing into the high country.

Skiers and Snowboarders face a cascade of ever changing snow types.
From cold dry powder (The type that creeks when you walk on it and so cold and dry that you can't make a decent snowball), coarse abrasive snows (ice crystals that grinds on your bases and wax), man made concrete,wind slab,ice and spring slush.

When the snow changes most waxes can't adapt and their performance is compromised. Requiring a different wax to handle the type of snow that's encountered. This can be frustrating flying at the top of the mountain and sticking when you get closer to the bottom of the mountain.

This was the driving force behind the engineering and construction of SAUCER WAX™. To develop a wax that can adapt and perform without compromise.

10 plus years of research and development has yielded the finest paraffin based waxes available.

Team SAUCER WAX™ proprietary micro facilitating technology waxes (A micro blend of molly,graphite and proprietary inert ingredients.) are
- resistant to base burn (oxidation or breakdown of wax),
- provide deep base hot wax penetration (For protection and conditioning of bases as well as longevity of hot wax),
- and most important, proven very low coefficients of friction over a wide temperature range.

SAUCER WAX™ speaks for itself, it's fast and it lasts.

courtesy of webmatter.de